Walker for the House



Where I stand on the issues that matter

ECONOMY Our economy must be market driven. I believe in reducing and eliminating restrictions on small businesses. This will lead to a greater ability for businesses to offer goods and services in a free market.

ENERGY While I support coal and what it has done for our state, we must look towards the future of energy. I believe West Virginia could be a leader in alternative energy.

GUNS I fully support an individuals right to self defense. 

ABORTION I am pro-life and do not believe the government should fund abortions with taxpayer money.

EDUCATION   Parents and local communities should have control over education. I fully support alternatives to public schools such as homeschooling. Freeing education from government control will offer more options to families and the competition will inspire new ideas, methods and technologies that will provide a higher quality of education for our children.

BUDGET I believe instead of placing the burden on the tax payers, the government should live within it's means, only spending what it takes in. Our state wastes a lot of money and in turn raises taxes to cover the shortage. Wasteful spending must be cut.

TAXES I believe people own the fruits of their labor and should do with it what they wish. I support reducing and eliminating income and property taxes.

DRUGS I support the complete legalization of Cannabis. This would generate jobs, economic growth, aid in medical treatments and help combat the opioid crisis.

INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS I believe government exists solely to protect the rights of the people. Government should never use coercion or force to enact it's ideas. People have the right to be left alone and live their lives peacefully. I believe in allowing people to do what they want, so long as they are not hurting others or violating their rights in the process.